Cottage cheese „LESIDREN DAIRY FARM”

Natural with high quality, without added salt

Cottage cheese „LESIDREN DAIRY FARM”

cottage cheese lesidren

Cottage cheese „LESIDREN DAIRY FARM”

Cottage cheese „LESIDREN DAIRY FARM” is a product obtained after high pasteurization of the whey, released during the production of cheese from cow`s milk.cottage cheese is high quality product without added salt.

Available in vacuum packaging: 0,500 kg. and 6 kg.

Conservation at a temperature from 4º to 6 º degrees

About Us

Lesidren dairy company was founded in 1996. It`s main activity is the production of dairy products. Lesidren village is located in the foothills of the Central Balkan Mountains where is situated dairy company - "Lesidren".It produce high quality dairy products under the brand “LESIDREN".

Lesidren dairy company


Address: Lesidren, municipality of Ugurchin, region of Lovech, Street "Rakovska" №2,
Lesidren Diary Company
Tel .: +359889 713 891